Building a website for your small business: DIY or hire help?








There is absolutely no question that your business needs a website. In a world where the internet influences most consumer purchasing decisions, it is vital that your company has an online presence. In my last post, I discussed the differences between having a website and having only a Facebook page for online communication. Though utilizing social media is an effective marketing tool, it is not a substitute for having a fully-responsive, search engine optimized website.

So, your business needs a website. Now what? Where do you start? You have the option to contact someone for assistance in designing and hosting your website or you can attempt to utilize a website template and complete this project solo. Yes, many web hosting sites make it seem simple and cost effective to DIY, but the truth is that most site builders are difficult to use, lack essential features your small business needs and have hidden fees that add up quickly.

Further, you will be responsible for all content creation. Not a marketer? You may find this is much more difficult than it seems. When creating content, you also have to keep in mind that choosing the correct “key words” can be the difference between becoming one of the top search engine listings and becoming hidden deep in the internet abyss. Have no experience with SEO? You will need to start scouring the internet for information, immediately. It does not make sense to have a beautiful website, if no consumers can find you online.  According to recent statistics, 61% of users click on the first three sites listed and over 90% click on first page listings (Protofuse, April 2014).

Let’s say you have created a search engine optimized website with creative content, now you need to ensure the site is fully-responsive. Fully-responsive web design is the concept that websites should provide a great user experience across many devices and screen sizes. With 94% of smartphone users utilizing their phones to source for local information and 84% using their phones to take action, it is absolutely critical that business websites are compatible with desktops, tablets, and smart phones (Growth Gurus, December 2015). Will you know how to make your site compatible? Some templates do provide assistance, but at an additional cost. With all this work behind the scenes, when will you find time to focus on your actual business? I might have the solution.

Clever Mouse Marketing LLC can assist you with all aspects of the web design process. We will work together to create a site that is user-friendly, looks great, and is visible on search engines. You will receive professional copywriting services, assistance with periodic updates, assistance with linking your social media sites, and monthly marketing calls to discuss your business, measure performance, and establish goals. Further, your site will be fully-responsive and able to be easily viewed on tablets and smartphones at no additional cost. Sound good? Contact me for a complimentary consultation and website preview.





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